Lobster Fest tonight with performances by Chris Donahue and The McMurphy’s

Lobster Fest tonight, with high temps & live bands

It looks like another great night for Lobster Fest Thursday!  Live music performances by Chris Donahue and The McMurphy’s. If you’re feeling adventurous you can cool down in the pond or try one of our 80 specialty drinks!

Every Thursday Evening from 6:00pm to 9:00pm, for $32.95 you will get a 1¼ pound lobster, with unlimited steamers, New England clam chowder, corn on the cob, assorted salads, apple pie, and blueberry pie. (one lobster per person, steak alternative is available)

5:30-7:30pm – Chris Donahue

Chris Donahue is a solo musician who writes original songs and performs contemporary cover tunes for multiple venues around Massachusetts. His shows are very upbeat, modern and fun for all ages. Chris has been lucky to share the stage with Famous Musicians who have sold millions of records worldwide. Having performed 90 shows at over 15 venues in the past year alone, Chris Donahue is already a seasoned professional. He performs songs from artists such as john Mayer, Nickelback, Fallout Boy, Kings of Leon, Simon and Garfunkel, Bruno Mars, and many more.

chris donahue may 2012 chris donahue may 2012 tiki chris donahue performing at sunset tiki bar

8:30-11:30pm – The McMurphy’s

The McMurphy’s have been playing their eclectic style of music for over 20 years. Performing throughout New England, New York, New Jersey and Maryland at Venues ranging from Ocean Resorts to Ski Resorts to the Finest Restaurants and Pubs.
mcmurphys jay murphy mcmurphys performing at the tiki mcmurphys play their first tiki gig of 2012

Well, if the beautiful weather, live bands, swimming, and special drinks haven’t convinced you to come to the Tiki Bar yet, here are some pictures from this afternoon.

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