Lobster Outside or Inside

It's open even when the Tiki Bar closes for rain!
The Outlook Restaurant and Lounge at Nashoba Valley Ski Area

When the weather isn’t ideal, we have a large, air-conditioned, indoor restaurant and bar right here on site!  If you don’t notice the ski slopes as you drive through the parking lot, you might not know that the Sunset Tiki Bar is located at the base of Nashoba Valley Ski Area.  The ski area’s Outlook Restaurant and Lounge has been serving some of the region’s best dishes for many years.

The Outlook Restaurant and Lounge Summer 2012 Menu

If you’re debating whether to come for Lobster tonight because of a little bit of rain, we’ll have you covered.  The Sunset Tiki Bar can operate outside through some showers with 2 large event tents and covered seating for hundreds of customers.  If the rain comes down very hard, we always have the same menu upstairs, in the indoor restaurant.  If the Sunset Tiki Bar stays open, you can still head upstairs to the Outlook for fine dining.  It’s always open every Monday-Saturday from 5:00pm-1:00am and features some of the summer favorites like boiled lobster and our clambake special.

So even if the forecast isn’t looking as hot as it has been lately, head on over for a great meal, live music, and some drinks.  Outside or Inside, we’ll be here to serve you.

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