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The Sunset Tiki Bar was first opened for LobsterFest in 2010. We were only open on Thursday evenings and for private functions. 2 years later, we are hosting functions 7 days a week and are open to the public 6 nights a week with specials and live bands all summer long. We’ve grown quickly and we’re new, so we have a lot to learn about what you expect from the Sunset Tiki Bar.  We value your feedback as a way for us to refine our service and improve our customers’ experiences.  We ask that you keep your criticism constructive and family-friendly, and we’ll try our hardest to address your concerns.

Sunset Tiki Bar

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  1. Every year we come down and my brother in-law can’t wait to see Mike on the beach before sunset. Even though we’re only there a short time he looks forward to Mike’s performance year round. Keep up the good work Mike!!!

    • Lauri,
      We scan each ID in an approved license scanner. It verifies that the ID is genuine (assisting our staff in identifying fake ids) and verifies that the license holder is old enough to drink legally. We do not capture an image of the ID, or store any personal information about you like your address. It is simply used to verify that we can legally serve you alcohol, and you will get your license back immediately after scanning. This is optional, only for those requesting a 21+ wristband.

      • We had apps and tiki cocktails. (1-5, five being the best!)
        Food: 5
        Service: 3
        Atmosphere: 5
        Okay for Children: Yes
        Okay for Couples: Yes
        It was nice but kind of crowded at the bar. They try to make it feel Hawaiian. There aren’t many places to sit that are close, so you need to eat it in the big tent or on adirondack chains leaned back on the sand. When I was there, it was really busy and we had to wait a couple minutes before our waitress found us, then we got great service after that. Be Sure to Try: Pina colada

    • The pina colada was so good but melted fast on such a hot day. I think it is made with pilpaepne juice. It is like a freeze, but yet it’s still creamy!!! The lobster roll was also great and the pond is refreshing!!!
      tips: You can’t take drinks in the pond, so swim first, then order before the show, then you just watch and enjoy! Yummy!!!

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