Closed June 25 2012 Due to Heavy Rain

It is raining
Heavy rain today

It is raining heavily at the Sunset Tiki Bar and Grill today, and we have closed for the day.  Even though we have 2 large events tents with seating for over 300 people, it’s raining so hard that a trip from the tent to the bar and back might be a bit uncomfortable.

When it’s raining this hard, we’ve noticed that everyone who shows up at the Tiki Bar decides to head inside the main lodge and go upstairs to the Outlook Restaurant and Lounge.  The Outlook Restaurant has air conditioning and is currently serving a summer menu. We’re even serving some of the specialty drinks from the Sunset Tiki Bar inside the Outlook, so if you really had your heart set on an Island Style rum drink, we’ve got you covered.

We plan on opening tomorrow, but with forecasts of rain this week you should check back on this website to make sure we are open before driving to 79 Powers Road, Westford, MA.  Even when the Tiki Bar is closed, the Outlook Restaurant will always remain open.

What about Independence Day?

We’ve had some questions on Facebook about whether the Sunset Tiki Bar will be open on the Fourth of July. The Sunset Tiki Bar and Grill will be open on the Fourth of July, weather permitting. The Outlook will be closed from July 1 – July 8, re-opening on July 9.  In the event of extreme weather during that week, if we have to close the Tiki Bar, we will open up the Outlook Restaurant.  So you will be able to eat and enjoy a tiki cocktail all week even if the weather isn’t great.  When the Tiki Bar is closed and the Outlook is open, the beach is closed and the games and swimming are not available.

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