The McMurphy’s

The McMurphy’s have been playing their eclectic style of music for over 20 years. Performing throughout New England, New York, New Jersey and Maryland at Venues ranging from Ocean Resorts to Ski Resorts to the Finest Restaurants and Pubs.


Their music ranges from Oldies to Classic Rock to New Country to Jimmy Buffett Beach Tunes and Light Jazz to American Songbook Standards. Jay Murphy on Guitar and Vocals and Wally Welch on Drums, Percussion and Vocals.  Most nights they perform as a Duo, they can become a Trio, a Four-Piece or a Five-Piece by adding Will Yates on Bass Guitar along with Steve Lydon on Saxophone or Bob Lucas on Steel Drums Geoff Roman on fiddle.

We look forward to providing music and entertainment at The Sunset Tiki Bar. We would also like to thank our family and friends for their continued support through the years.
~Jay Murphy

Learn more about the McMurphy’s on Facebook, MySpace, and LowellRocks.

2012 Sunset Tiki Bar Appearances

ThursdayMay 318:30pm-11:30pm
ThursdayJune 78:30pm-11:30pm
ThursdayJune 148:30pm-11:30pm
ThursdayJune 218:30pm-11:30pm
ThursdayJune 288:30pm-11:30pm
ThursdayJuly 58:30pm-11:30pm
ThursdayJuly 128:30pm-11:30pm
ThursdayJuly 198:30pm-11:30pm
ThursdayJuly 268:30pm-11:30pm
ThursdayAugust 28:30pm-11:30pm
ThursdayAugust 98:30pm-11:30pm
ThursdayAugust 168:30pm-11:30pm
ThursdayAugust 238:30pm-11:30pm
ThursdayAugust 308:30pm-11:30pm
ThursdaySeptember 68:30pm-11:30pm

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