Something with Digby

Venture into the woods of Dover Massachusetts on most Wednesday nights, and you will likely see a stampede of wildlife running away from a small house, tucked in behind a barn, invisible from the road. The lights seem to frequently brighten and then dim almost to complete darkness, as if there were an enormous drain on the electricity being used. Get closer and you hear the hounds barking and howling. Get closer still, and two things become evident. The first is the wall of sound coming from the house. The second is that one of the dogs seems to be smiling, if that’s possible. He listens to the Classic Rock and Blues coming from the house… the other dogs are howling at the sound, but the one with mischief on his mind, Digby, knows that the music comes from HIS band playing inside, straining the circuits almost to the point of failure. Always moving to his own rhythm, seldom staying with the rest of the pack, it’s no wonder that his handlers will tell you that there always seems to be “Something with Digby”.

2012 Sunset Tiki Bar Appearances

FridayAugust 178:30-11:30
One comment on “Something with Digby
  1. JB says:

    I was recommended by my cousin to visit the sunset Tiki Bar. You are surprising! Very fun, thanks!

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