Haley Gowland

As a high school singer-songwriter with well over 100 performances to her credit, Haley is a natural on the stage, making a heart-to-heart connection with her audience at every venue she plays. Haley is the primary songwriter of The Cranks’ 2 CD releases and her musicianship won her one of 4 individual recognition awards out of 50 competing bands in the April 2011 TCAN-Berklee College of Music band showcase. Past venues include the Hard Rock Boston, the Middle East, Camplified Tour, and two appearances on Community Auditions.

“Haley is a triple threat of great vocals, song writing and guitar playing.”
~ Joyce Kulhawik (WBZ-TV)

2012 Tiki Bar Appearances

FridayJune 15:30-7:30
SaturdayJune 95:30-7:30
SaturdayJune 235:30-7:30
FridayJune 295:30-7:30
SaturdayJuly 75:30-7:30
FridayJuly 135:30-7:30
FridayJuly 275:30-7:30
FridayAugust 105:30-7:30
FridayAugust 245:30-7:30

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