Groove Cats

The Groove Cats play music with one mission in mind: To make your night a night out that no one will ever forget!

Having played together in front of thousands of live audiences, The Groove Cats are professional and experienced, versatile and dependable, and Oh So Much Fun! All you have to do, is dance, have a GREAT time, and leave the rest to us.
~The Groove Cats

2012 Sunset Tiki Bar Appearances

FridayJune 18:30-11:30
SaturdayJuly 78:30-11:30
FridayJuly 138:30-11:30
FridayJuly 208:30-11:30
FridayAugust 38:30-11:30
SaturdayAugust 188:30-11:30
FridayAugust 248:30-11:30

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