Chris Reddy

He has been playing guitar since he was 7 years old. He primarily plays solo acoustic with live looping integrating effects and ambience with technology to create a different solo acoustic experience. He has recently opened for Dave Mason, Gary Hoey, Johnny A, and Stan Ridgway. A new CD is scheduled for release this summer.

2012 Sunset Tiki Bar Appearances

FridayJune 155:30-7:30
WednesdayJune 207:00-10:00
WednesdayJune 277:00-10:00
WednesdayJuly 117:00-10:00
WednesdayJuly 187:00-10:00
WednesdayJuly 255:00 – 7:00
WednesdayAugust 17:00-10:00
WednesdayAugust 87:00-10:00
WednesdayAugust 227:00-10:00
WednesdayAugust 297:00-10:00
FridayAugust 315:30-7:30

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