Chris Donahue

Chris Donahue is a solo musician who writes original songs and performs contemporary cover tunes for multiple venues around Massachusetts. His shows are very upbeat, modern and fun for all ages. Chris has been lucky to share the stage with Famous Musicians who have sold millions of records worldwide. Having performed 90 shows at over 15 venues in the past year alone, Chris Donahue is already a seasoned professional. He performs songs from artists such as john Mayer, Nickelback, Fallout Boy, Kings of Leon, Simon and Garfunkel, Bruno Mars, and many more.

“My goal as a musician is to create music that inspires people to make a change in their lives. Multiple times I have made a change in my life because I heard a song on the radio that had good message. Sometimes music can do things that words alone can’t achieve.”   ~Chris Donahue

Learn more about Chris Donahue on his band website.

2012 Sunset Tiki Bar Appearances

ThursdayMay 315:30pm-7:30pm
FridayJune 225:30pm-7:30pm
ThursdayJune 285:30pm-7:30pm
SaturdayJune 305:30pm-7:30pm
FridayJuly 65:30pm-7:30pm
ThursdayJuly 125:30pm-7:30pm
FridayJuly 205:30pm-7:30pm
ThursdayJuly 265:30pm-7:30pm
SaturdayAugust 45:30pm-7:30pm
ThursdayAugust 95:30pm-7:30pm
FridayAugust 175:30pm-7:30pm
SaturdayAugust 185:30pm-7:30pm
ThursdayAugust 235:30pm-7:30pm
ThursdaySeptember 65:30pm-7:30pm
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  1. We’ll see Chris Donahue playing on the beach stage in a couple hours, starting at 5:30pm.

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